WWE Crown Jewel Predictions 2018

We got a couple of amazing WWE PPV events coming up over the next week. On Monday, we have the first ever women’s only PPV in the form of WWE Evolution. Later on in the week, the men are heading to Saudi Arabia for ‘Crown Jewel’.

These are going to be some of the toughest matches to predict too, because WWE have been keeping their cards very close to their chest as of late, see below for some of the highlight matches. But first, we take a look at what the wrestling community are saying:

Battle Royale

Nearly everybody in the women’s division is lined up to compete in the Battle Royale. Although, of course the actual competitors could end up changing. This is probably going to be one of the easiest matches to predict of the night. There is little to no chance that one of the following three will not walk away as the winner:

After that, I think the odds are just a little bit too long to be worth a punt. Remember; professional wrestling has ‘fixed’ outcomes, so when you are looking for the winner of a match, you should absolutely only ever go for the people with the shortest odds. T

oo long and there is no chance of them winning, otherwise there would have been a leak which pushed them down the odds a little. So, as much as some of you may want Vickie Guerrero to walk away with the Battle Royale Crown, it just isn’t happening.

Raw Women Championship

This is a match which will see Ronda Rousey face off against Nikki Bella. At the moment; Ronda Rousey is a dead cert to win. If she does not win, then the WWE are going to have a little problem on their hands, mostly because nobody wants to see Nikki Bella win, and she is simply not a good wrestler in comparison to Ronda Rousey.

If you want to lump some cash on this match, and you should because the odds are so decent it is a virtual guaranteed winner, I would go for Ronda Rousey and Submission as the method of winning.

Smackdown Women Championship

Becky Lynch faces off against Charlotte Flair in this one. Any other year, we would have said that Charlotte Flair would be walking away the winner, but Becky Lynch is getting a massive push right now (turns out the wrestling world love the Irish lass), and she will be walking away the winner here.

D Generation X v The Brothers of Destruction

No. We are not back in the 90s. This is a match which is actually happening within a few days. It turns out that if you toss enough money at Shawn Michaels, he is going to come out of the retirement that he promised never to break.

It looks like the wrestling world is having a tough time predicting this match. The only person who is regularly wrestling and stepping into that ring is Triple H, so we are probably going to edge towards D Generation X as the winner here (the odds for each are exactly the same).

This is going to be a slow paced fight, though. It is more to give the Saudi Arabians a bit of bang for their buck (as they are paying millions for this event). It isn’t exactly going to be a spectacle, but if you are one of those types of people who are nostalgic for the 90s, then you may as well check it out.

Universal Championship

This is a match which, a week ago, would have been completely different. A week ago, Roman Reigns stated that he was leaving the wrestling world for a long while to deal with a recent cancer diagnosis. This meant that he would relinquish the universal title. So, instead of Roman Reigns competing, you have Braun Strowman facing off against Brock Lesnar.

Since people were incredibly irritated that part-time Brock Lesnar held the title for so long last time, we are just going to go with Braun as the winner for this one. Not the plan that WWE had in mind, and we do hope that Roman Reigns feels better soon.

WWE Championship

A.J. Styles faces off against Daniel Bryan in this one. A.J. Styles is the current clear favourite to win, so we are not going to argue with that. Would be absolute madness. There is still a decent sum of cash you could make on a bet on him right now too.

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