Karamba Sports Review

Karama Sport may be one of the ‘little known’ sport betting sites, but it certainly brings a lot to the table. Shall we take a little look at what they offer?

First Impressions

It is worth noting that Karamba Sports does not function as its own independent site. First and foremost; Karamba is an online casino. It does not take that much digging around to find the sport betting part of the site, but everywhere you look you are going to see things advertising their online casino options. Honestly, this is not that much of a problem for us. It is so common nowadays that we are pretty much used to it.

Karamba Sports does provide one of the most seamless experiences we have ever seen. There is both a desktop version and mobile version of the site (as is standard), and flicking between the two is a breeze. In other cases, we have had a terrible time browsing around the mobile version of the site, but because the mobile option looks and feels so much similar, it is fine for us.

The sports betting part of the site is laid out well too. They are not exactly breaking new ground when it comes to functionality. It looks and feels the same as any other sport betting site online...and that is a good thing (in our opinion!)

Karamba Sports Betting Bonuses

We are not going to talk too much about the bonuses that you can find at Karamba Sports, mostly because they are prone to change, but we do want to point out that Karamba has never let us down when it comes to their bonuses. Their welcome bonuses are always top-notch, and their loyalty bonuses are even better. Certainly, a site that is worth playing on.

Betting Options

If you can think of a sport to bet on, then Karamba Sports Betting has it in place for you. In fact, it is one of the more extensive of the new sites we have seen. There is always going to be a market open for you to bet on. The live betting is good too. While they do not have a whopping number of live betting options like some online sites have, all of the big sports are represented here, and they really show no sign of slowing down with adding more either. From what we have seen so far, we reckon that you are going to see big thing from the Karamba Sports website in the future when it comes to live betting. Of course; all of these events are available for you to bet via your mobile device. This could be directly on their site or through their handy mobile app.

karamba sports review

Betting Odds

As we are sure you are aware; it is impossible for an online betting site to always have the best betting odds. There are a lot of factors at play, so if a site claims that it has the best odds all the time...they are lying.

Karamba Sports does have competitive odds a good amount of the time, though. They are certainly going to be on par with some of the top betting sites out there...and sometimes they beat them. This is always nice. Plus, sometimes it is good to have odds on par with some of the bigger sites because the new sites provide a better overall experience when you are playing.

Customer Support Options

While we did not need to use the customer support options on the Karamba Sports Betting site, mostly because their FAQ was so good, we did decide to give them a test. No matter what method we used to get in touch with the team at Karamba Sport Betting, they always seemed to be incredibly responsive, and they were knowledgeable too.

This was a far cry from many of the other sport betting sites we have headed to which, more often than not, take ages to respond to messages and when they do it is nothing more than a copy and paste response.

Let's Sum Up:

Excellent selection of betting marketsDecent Odds, great welcome bonus and extra rewards every time you bet!Great design; easy to bet and play casino games, fun and modern themeTrusted brand - over 10+ years online experienceNo live streaming available

Verdict? Check out Karamba Sports!

Want to dive right into betting on one of the best new sport betting sites around? Then hop on over to Karamba Sports! It is a great place to play, plus if you sign up today, you will be able to take advantage of some of the best sport betting bonuses around. Nifty, right?