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 The Best UK Sports Betting Bonuses in 2020

Sportbetting bonuses are a form of promotions that bookmakers (bookies) run as a marketing tool online. These bonuses comes in various forms but usually they are offers of free cash just for signing up, or for depositing a certain sum of money or placing a specific wager.

Punters will be offered these bonuses at almost every single betting site there is online but one must learn exactly how the function and also what is demanded in return.

Bonuses are the online version of casino comps that are perks, designed to draw in more business. Regarding the amount of gambling sites online the bookies must offers something to stand out and attract new players. Ever since the launch of betting sites online and that is a long time ago to be honest there have always been these offers. Bonuses have been part of the online sportsbook industry since its inception.

Surely the bonuses have changed through the years with the increase of competitors and technology advances, the basic premise is the same. Sportsbooks, bookmakers throw bonus offers around as their primary means of advertisement, in other words it is what the angler would call the ”lure”!

How Betting Bonuses Work

How can betting sites afford to give money away? Well it does look like it does it not? The most straightforwards answer is they can´t, and also we must point out, they don´t. If a betting site is offering you a BOGO deal then there will be certain restrictions in order to get that free item.

With online gambling bonuses, also giveaways, is that they´ve become watered-down. What this means is the simple fact of higher wagering demands and other complications that will turn the offer into from ”free cash” to a red tape thing. Here is the thing, if a bookie offers ”up to £100” in bonus cash then punters must accept the fact that they might only ever see £5 or even £10 of that cash. Why? Well it is because of the bonus parameters and the way they might wager!

A Note on Wagering Demands

We strongly urge you to continue reading this! Before learning about the bonus you are considering taking home, please note that you must understand the concept of rollover demands. These are the same thing as wagering demands and are often listed with a specific number or value.

Numeric values that is where most often they look like 5x or maybe x30. This number tells you how much you´ll have to wager, how many times the sum of money, to clear the full bonus amount. In other words when you accept a bonus you will have to play or bet a certain amount of times in order to clear the bonus.

This demand is for the sportsbook own protection, it is giving away cash so in order not to go broke from handing out bonuses, they must demand this as protection of the assets.

There are some examples of bonuses without these demands but they are few about, the vast majority do have some sort of demand. We urge all punters and players out there to always read the rules and regulations before considering accepting a betting bonus.

This is for your own protection and also it is a way to find out if the bonus is anything for you at all. Some people in the business and especially the highrollers have a tendency not to accept bonuses, it does take time to clear the bonus but mostly for the simple fact it is a marketing tool. Are they really made for you or the bookmaker?

Conclusion will be that make sure you do understand the legal aspects and demands before you accept a bonus, smart players will have done this so no surprises arise. All this for what we all are after really, that is to bet smart and choose smart!